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VideoEffects helps your videos become professional with customizable motion graphics overlays. In an era of social-media saturation, it's important to stand out with editing that elevates the production value of your content.
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Work smart, not hard. Why spend hours creating your own video overlays when you can generate them within seconds on VideoEffects? We're here to save you time so you can focus on creating the best videos possible.
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What is VideoEffects?

VideoEffects is an exciting library of high-quality customizable motion graphics and video effects. In the competitive era of social media, it's vital to make your videos look great with our professionally designed overlays and templates.

What can I find on VideoEffects?

Download Subscribe buttons, follow notifications, comment popups, notifications, like buttons, animated profile pictures, poptags and various call-to-actions! We're constantly growing our collection to offer everything you need for your social media videos.

How do I customize a video template?

These customizable templates are all adjustable directly inside your browser - no software required! Just select a template and enter what you would like to appear in your username, comment and profile picture. You can upload any text and profile picture, and check your results by clicking the "Preview" button.

Once you're happy with the result, hit "Generate" and you'll be taken to your order page, where you can see your file being rendered and exported in a wide selection of file formats. Select the video file that best suits your needs, and hit download!

Can I use these Templates for TikTok, YouTube and Instagram?

Yes! Templates offered on VideoEffects are creatively designed to match the theme and aesthetics of all major social media platforms, including TikTok, Instagram, Youtube and Threads.

What file formats are offered?

Customized templates are offered in various resolutions, from 720p up to 4K. Additionally, we offer .MOV files and MP4 files with a greenscreen background.

Our .MOV files have transparent backgrounds embedded in the file, allowing you to drag & drop these over your video seamlessly.

How do I add social media overlays to my video?

Download your video effect, and import it to your favourite video editing app. Desktop editors can use software such as Davinci Resolve, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects and Hitfilm.

Mobile users can import the MP4 greenscreen files to Capcut or Kinemaster. Simply remove the background with a Greenscreen effect!

How do Credits work?

Each plan VideoEffect offers provides a set of credits. Credits allow you to customize video templates, generate and download the results.

Can I start creating custom video templates for Free?

Yes! Start downloading free video templates with our Free plan. When you sign up, we'll provide you with 20 credits to help you build your first custom overlays.

Any issues?
Feel free to reach out to us, weโ€™re always here to help!
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